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Zora Hair Pro Mist


Product Description

Zora Hair Pro Mist instantly smoothes and softens thick, fizzy and unruly damaged hair, recharging it with new strength and elasticity. For soft, velvety hair full of suppleness and healthy shine.Β 

  1. Rescue dry hair
  2. Restores hair vitality
  3. Strengthens hair shaft
  4. Repair damaged hair
  5. Silkness & smoothness
  6. Heat protection
  7. Easier for ironing process
  8. Sun light protection
  9. Hair colour protection
  10. Facilitates detangling
  11. Increase hair texture
  12. Prevent split ends
  13. Long lasting hairstyles
  14. Locks in moisture
  15. Leaving hair shiny
  16. Tames frizzy hair
  17. Restore hair elasticity
  18. Strengthens split ends
  19. Restores hair breakage
  20. Resolve hair inelasticity


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